The moment June 1st arrives, it feels like our inboxes explode with rainbows and huge corporations stating their allegiance to Pride Month. Here are some resources that we think are worth sharing.

Learn about gender identity through The Trevor Project, and if you're familiar with The Trevor Project, please consider donating here. Walgreens and Puma have partnered to double your donation in honor of Pride Month!

On June 17 at the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco, catch a showing of the new film Mama Bears. "Christian parents push against ingrained, religion-fueled prejudices to embrace their LGBTQ+ children as they combine faith with activism in this uplifting and vital documentary from director Daresha Kyi ... At a time of Texas anti-trans legislation, Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, legal maneuvers against trans women athletes, and ongoing homo- and transphobia, the personal is political. Mama Bears is a riveting depiction of these moms and their allies turning love into action." Get your tickets here!

Come out and celebrate Pride Weekend in San Francisco during the 52nd Annual Pride Parade, on June 25th & 26th! San Francisco has been an iconic landmark city in America for LGBTQIA+ allies. Learn about the history of SF Pride here.

At Mapamundi Kids, we love love. We always try and be inclusive in the products we carry, like the amazing book titles that feature iconic legends like Elton John and RuPaul. Additionally, books like Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress and Alex & Alex discuss gender identity norms and not identifying with assigned genders.

Take a look at our Pride collection, featuring rainbows, confetti, books and more.


June 12, 2022 — Terra Andrews