Sunset 10 Pc Rainbow Grimms


The bold colors of this beautifully handmade wooden rainbow will fire your child's imagination and creativity, and provide hours of open-ended play. This amazing Waldorf-inspired multi-use toy for toddlers has 10 pieces.

Children will learn about colors, refine hand-eye coordination and motor skills, as well as expand their creative abilities, while being immersed in critical thinking and deep play. Stacking, nesting and building stimulates reasoning skills, essential problem solving activities for children. The tactile nature of wood and bright colors will stimulate both very young as well as older children. When not nested, kids can use the colorful arches as bridges, tunnels, fences, and any number of unique creations. The rainbow can be telescoped and stacked in a variety of creative ways.

With so many uses for this heirloom-quality Rainbow, this is a toy that will accompany your child for a long time and will surely be rediscovered many times along the way. Grimm's aims to help children discover and develop their own creativity. 

Comes minimally packaged in clear shrink wrap.  All colors are water based and in accordance with EN 71, are harmless to your health and suitable for children toys. 

Please note: The rainbow can only be nested from one side. This adds another problem-solving element to the "puzzle" aspect of this toy: if the arch will not easily nest under the previous arch, it must be flipped over horizontally, and should fit from that side.

Measures aprox. 12" wide x 5" tall

Made in Germany